Strange illness

Cam woke up this morning with a tummy ache. He walked into Jordan's room just as I was putting her back down to sleep around 6:50 this morning. We walked into the bathroom and he started puking. He kept puking until around noon. When he woke up from his nap, it was like he was never sick.

It was so warm outside today. So after I ran around with Jordan for most of the day, we got to enjoy the backyard with Cameron and Randy. It was really nice. Jordan just enjoyed the air in my arms. Cameron was running around, hittng the baseball and begging Randy to run him around the backyard in his wagon. It was a peaceful family time.

Cameron spent the rest of the night begging for food: "But I'm very really hungry." We tried our hardest to keep his diet bland and basic for the rest of the day. He just kept begging for non-safe foods. So he was upset a lot leading up to his bath time. But once he hit that water and pretended to swim, it was a peaceful bed time. He seriously relaxes when I sing his lullaby every night. It warms my heart every time I hear him sigh after a song.

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