My big ham

Clap clap clapCam is a ham. And this visit to his Uncle's house is proof that my boy is one heck of a performer. Yesterday and today, he's been really into performing. I don't mean throwing fits (which is a performance in its own way). I mean getting up on a "stage" and performing. The first thing he did was get up on a patio table and perform for anyone. Wiggle your hipsLater, he grabbed his Wiggles guitar and microphone and just danced and sang to his heart's delight. Amazing to watch and it just brings a smile to your face... Even if you've heard the songs so often that you want to scream. His joy in performing is so worth the constant Wiggles songs.

The TV time board is going pretty well... Tonight, Cam was getting really tired, so it wasn't really working. But I'll give it a little more time before I decide we need to try ANOTHER type of behavior modification plan. (I like that instead of bribery system)

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crestfallendespairacy said...

bribery works for my neices and nephews!!

great blog