Warning: Gross topic

So you know we've had problems with Cam flooding the toilet. That problem has gotten better. So I'm encouraging Cam to use the bathroom and clean up on his own.

Today that could have been a mistake.

I heard him up there... And I realized a little too late that he was too quiet in that bathroom. So I go in and ask him what he's doing. "I'm cleaning up." Well, it turns out he was cleaning up water he used to clean his butt. Yeah. Toilet water. Disgusting bacteria-filled toilet water. I puked a little in my mouth and asked him to wash his hands thoroughly. I started scrubbing the bathroom, scrubbed my hands and started the bath for Cam to disinfect.

Gross. Gross. Gross.

But he was very sweet after the bath. He wanted to play hide and seek in his towel. Instead, he threw the towel on top of his head and said: "I'm Little White Riding Hood." For some reason I thought that was a darn good joke for someone who is almost 4.

We read Dr. Seuss' "ABC" book and Eric Carle's "The Very Busy Spider." Both books left us with a good book buzz. You know, that smile you wear on your face when you close the book. We felt warm and happy. Putting Cam to bed was a peaceful event after that.

By the way. I'm working on coming up with an award system where Cam has to earn his right to watch TV. Randy thinks I've been too hard on him by just taking the TV away and there needs to be more purpose to it than just saying NO to TV. Today we actually got Cam to eat some of the dinner I made by holding TV over his head. Next step: vegetables for watching The Wiggles. It may be the only way a green bean will pass through his lips.

(That picture at the top was taken in the last hour before we headed to the airport during our Florida trip. I just got it into my computer tonight because Cam dropped my camera on the cement that day. I finally found a USB cord that fit my computer and allowed me to download the remaining trip photos... Most of the pictures were of Cam being cute out at my parent's pool and near their new, cool water fountain in the lake.)

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