The Men's Room

Cameron doesn't like going to the bathroom in the women's bathroom. He gets upset when he has to go potty with me. So today I took him to the Bread Co. (aka Panera) where I was meeting with students for an independent class meeting. Near the end of our talk, Cam had to go potty. He demanded to go to the men's room and he'd be okay. A mom walked by me and said her 9 year old would be willing to help.

So the 9 year old walks in after Cam and promptly walks out and asks me how old Cam was. Then he asked me how old I was. Then he told me that when I turned 60 my ankles would grow.


Anyway. Cam was in that bathroom and he was taking a while. That's when I realized he didn't just pee in the men's room. I heard the toilet paper rolling and rolling.. And I was afraid he was going to clog the toilet. It's a problem he's caused at our house a number of times recently. Anyway. I ended up going into the men's bathroom to help him clean up. It kind of defeated the whole purpose of letting him go into the men's room on his own. Oh well.

Cam went to another meeting on campus with Jordan and I... He got to play with Lily. The two of them danced and sang in the convergence lab. Very amusing to me and to a few students. Cam didn't get to school until it was lunch time... Good thing he ate a huge cinnamon roll because they were eating pizza and corn: Two foods he doesn't like.

I just got him to bed. He lost his tent this morning. He decided to wake up around 4 this morning and proceeded to walk in and out of our room a number of times. I didn't wake up to it, but Randy did. He pretended to stay asleep. I don't have proof, but I think he woke the baby from walking into her room too many times. I got up to take care of her, then Cam went into Randy and cried that he needed a lullaby. He didn't get one before he went to bed that night. That's when I told him the tent was gone if he got out of bed again.

So he stayed in bed and cried my name for a good 20 minutes. When he screamed "MOMMY!!!!" That's when I walked in and took the tent away. He went to bed tonight without the tent. I told him he doesn't get it back unless he doesn't wake me up until it says 7 on his clock.

I pray that works.

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