Super excited

Super excited
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Cam was really excited in this picture... But you know, today was pretty exciting for him as well. Maybe not as dramatic as this moment when he was at a party over the weekend.

Anyway. Cam had a fun day. At school, he was really good and he showed me an amazing picture he drew! It told a story -- the first picture I've ever seen him do that had ACTION. He had a monster with planets in the sky and he wrote CAMERON across the bottom of the page. He really is growing up. Then, after school, I took him with Jordan and I to the newsroom. Along the way, I told him I loved him. HIs response: "I know!" (funny guy) He got to play on nickjr.com on a newsroom computer -- which he LOVES. Then we went home and found "Uncle" Gary visiting. So the boys all went out (along with Miss Jordan) and played baseball and "tossed" the football around. (Cam's version of tossing is really just dropping and chasing after the ball) After all of that good stuff: I made pancakes for dinner. Heaven.

I gave him a back scratch after his prayers tonight. The last thing he told me before he went to sleep: "You did a really good job."

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