Big deal haircut

So... I had to do it. We weren't going to drag Poppy into town just to cut Cam's hair, so I took him to a haircut place for the first time ever. Yeah. He's 4 and a half. So Cam, Jordan and I went to a place that does haircuts in a sports environment. ESPN is on the TV. There are TV sets all over the place and there are lockers instead of shelves. Stuff like that. Cam thought it was very cool. And it really did make him feel comfortable during the haircut. Honestly, I think he just liked looking at himself in the mirror and watching TV at the same time. Since I'm a crazy Mommy, I had the woman who cut Cam's hair consult with Poppy to make sure she did it close to Poppy's style. (That's right, I had her talk to him on my cellphone) The cut ended up being pretty good -- Not like Poppy's fine work, but Cam was proud.

He was so proud that Randy tells me that Cam freaked out after his bath tonight -- his hair was wet and he cried that Randy had "broke his new haircut." Poor kid. He calmed down once his hair was dry and back to its previous look.

So why the big deal? Tomorrow is picture day! I even ran to Target to find a new sweater for the picture -- I checked Cam's drawers and ALL of his sweaters were too small. Bad planning on my part!

So here's a sweet side moment of the day: I stopped by Cam's classroom today on my way out from feeding Jordan (who fell asleep in my arms for a good 20 or 30 minutes by the way). His teacher told me Cam was telling everyone how I was going to his class field trip on Wednesday. Really? Okay. So I told folks at work that I wouldn't be attending a meeting... Made sure I would be at the field trip. So this evening before dinner, I told Cam I'd be at his field trip. He was so excited, he ran to me and gave me a HUGE hug. Now all I can hope is the rainy weather will stay away long enough for us all to enjoy the pumpkin patch and hay ride! Either way. Just getting Cam's reaction was worth it.

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