Pause that

We live in a Tivo world... And Cameron has never known it any different. I think we got Tivo the year before he was born. So tonight I was reading him a book when Bubba scratched on the door to come in. So Cam jumped out of bed to let Bubba in... And told me to "Pause the book."


Another story that I've told a few people but didn't write down. Cam is getting over a cold. It hasn't been bad enough to stay home. But it's annoying to him. (And I'm tired of telling him to constantly blow his nose) Anyway... I went into his classroom on Monday to say hi. His teacher told me that the first thing Cam did was walk into the room and tell her that her felt "ucky." But then Cam corrected her: "No I didn't. I said "I feel ICKY." With an "I." Ih, Ih (making the sound of an I)." I couldn't believe he was being such a smart-butt. His growing knowledge with language is going to rapidly get him in trouble!!

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