Let's try that again

This morning was nutty. I was scrambling to get Cam out in his big deal dress-up outfit for picture day, pack his swimming clothes because Tuesday is swim lesson day and make sure his check was filled out for his pictures. So I put the picture check and form into his swim lesson bag so nothing got lost.

I send Cam off to school with Dad.

Dad calls me when they got to school saying that Cam will either go to swim lessons or get his picture taken. So obviously I picked the pictures. I was unhappy with that choice, so I called to check if there was any way I could get Cam's picture taken early so he could go swim. But they couldn't do that. Oh well.

Fast forward to the end of the day: I grab Cam's unused swim suit bag and find the photo check and order form still in the bag. It turns out Cam never had his picture taken because no one thought to look through his stuff for his picture order form. I got Cam's hair cut and outfit for him to stand in a group photo... that's all. He should have just gone to swimming. But if he'd done that, they would have found his dang order form. So he'll have to bring the sweater and shirt to school tomorrow... so I can get the picture I wanted. But we'll have to scurry -- he has a school field trip, so the picture will have to happen before we leave.

I'm so annoyed. Not happy one bit that the teacher or any of the staff members didn't question that Cam wasn't getting his own personal photo. Especially after the fuss I made about swim lessons.

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