Fall fun

Cam and I played outside in the leaves after a grocery store visit... Here's the funny part. He ran into the pile of leaves and asked me to get the camera. That's how I have programmed my child. So, I took a few pictures. The best part was once I got the pictures done. Cam and I had a leaf war... And I think he won. I found a leaf in my hair 30 or 40 minutes later during dinner.

The fun wasn't over just because the sun went down early. I turned on some Disney music and we just danced and danced. Jordan was eating dinner in the high chair and she giggled and watched us. At some point, I told Cam to pretend we were all merpeople like the Little Mermaid. We all waved our arms in the air like we were swimming -- Jordan included. Cam kept dancing and dancing and eventually we pulled Jordan into the dancing. Then Cam pulled Daddy into the kitchen to watch us. I swear, even Jordan was performing. It was classic. Both kids obviously love to boogie.

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