Having fun

Cam got to go to his second homecoming parade this morning... And he had a blast eating candy and sugar and waving at people and playing with his friend Camryn. When we first got to our float, he was very, very upset because Camryn wasn't there... So I was relieved when her family arrived.

So I dragged Cam and Jordan out to eat with some friends and alumni last night. Cam was wonderful... Enjoying the conversations (with a lot of talk about Buzz Lightyear) and running around having fun on campus.

He also said a really funny thing yesterday: I told him I was going to dress up like a Mommy for Halloween. He said, "you already wear that costume!" Really? Interesting. So I asked him what I should dress up like. He told me: "Princess Layer." But what he really meant was Princess Lea -- From Star Wars. How he knows about Star Wars, I'll never know since he hasn't seen it yet and he certainly isn't old enough to watch it.

Although -- I seem to remember dressing up like Princess Lea when I was little and I sure as heck hadn't seen the movie since I was too young. Silly pop culture... Kids figure it out without truly participating in the event.

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