Doing pretty well

Cam was upset with me because he isn't on a T-ball team yet. It's hard to explain that he has to wait until nexxt year when the season starts. He is so in love with baseball, it's awesome to watch his excitement about the game on so many levels. From the Cardinals (by knowing almost all of the players' names) to practicing in the backyard (he hit a line drive into Randy's chest yesterday).

Today I was looking at him sitting at the kitchen table and he looked to huge. He was upset about Jordan getting bigger than him because she eats vegetables and he doesn't. It will be really hard for this tiny little girl to ever beat him on size... but I'll do anything to try to get him to open his mind to healthy food. Anyway. He's huge. He's skinny. And he's so 4 and a half going on 15.

We have a big Christmas picture shoot tomorrow. Wish me luck. I just want ONE nice photo of both kids at the same time. One. Is that too much to ask for?

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