Getting ready for Halloween

I bought Cam's outfit for tomorrow about two months ago... But I didn't pull it out for Cam to enjoy until tonight. It fits great, he's thrilled about it... And he looks really cute. Honestly, he almost looks just like his Buzz Lightyear toy.

Since I returned from Houston, Cam has been incredibly obstinate. He had some major breakdowns while we were in Kentucky visiting our friends. In between having fun with our friends, he was challenging our authority and having a rough time with the lack of napping. It's obviously hard to be the youngest amongst bigger kids. He so desperately wants to be bigger than he is. It's hard. It's also hard keeping my cool around him. I just take a big breath and try my best.

I'm really happy to be home and I'm ready to watch Cam get WAY too sugared up. Tonight, a "phantom ghost" appeared at our front step. A friend and her Dad dropped off a bag of treats and a story about a phantom ghost who appeared. It was very cool. And Cam was thrilled.

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