Busy week... Loopy boy

I went to Cam's big field trip to the pumpkin patch this week. You may remember how earlier in the week, Cam was thrilled how I was going to join him on this trip. I was kind of excited too. I didn't get to go on this trip with Cam last year. So I'm not quite sure why Cam was so miserable during the majority of the trip. He complained, whined and got really snotty. Most of the time he was saying: "I hate pumpkins. I hate hay rides. I want my Daddy." Wow. Okay. He threw a couple of tantrums. It wasn't fun. And honestly, in between the jerky stuff, I think he did have fun. But it was a bummer for me. He and I have fun all the time. But the pumpkin patch trip just wasn't working for us.

Cam is back into a very rebellious mode. But this time, he's rebellious in a more subtle way. I ask him to do something and he whispers "no, I don't WANT do" (the want is the dominant word). He doddles on purpose... Even when it's something he wants or needs to do. I sat him down and asked him why he's disrespectful. I asked him if he's mad at Mommy and Daddy. I can't figure it out. I do know it's exhausting. We had another morning of him fighting the toy pick-up process. Lots of crying. Lots of screaming. Honestly, he really does cry more than Jordan.

I think my skepticism about Cam has grown since Randy and I discovered how our son is more conniving than we realized. One of our babysitters has been watching Cam's friend Camryn. She told the babysitter that she and Cam have talked about ways to get out of going to bed. Cam apparently told her all his ways. Really? So that doddling stuff isn't just a doddling attempt... It's a planned out attempt to delay bed time. So what else is a scheme? I'm wondering this every time he pulls some type of attitude if it's a scheme. So I tested that theory yesterday. Cam and I had a bit of a blow-out at bedtime the night before. I announced to him that he wouldn't get his Friday McDonald's dinner. (Honestly, we don't go every week... but this week he had earned it until that point) So when I picked him up on Friday from school, he tried to throw a FIT in the van. I called him out on it. And about 5 to 10 minutes later, it was over. I broke him. It was a scheme to try and break me. It didn't work.

Jordan has a cold, so she slept most of the day. So Cam and I got to play and be silly outside. We ran around and giggles on the swingset for quite a while. I pushed Cam on the swing, he pushed me... We kept taking turns. It was very silly. After Jordan's longest nap of the day, I took both kids shopping for a little bit (I had a coupon that I didn't want to lose -- it was going to to run out tomorrow). We bumped into one of Cam's friends in a store... So when I got to finish up, Cam went with his friend to play on the mall playground. So that was cool. I found a sweater for the big Cam/Jordan Christmas photo shoot that I have planned next week. It's just at Sears, but I've never taken Jordan to a studio (other than the school version from last week). I've wanted to get both kids in front of a camera together. So we'll see how it goes. I have a sweet outfit for Jordan and I think I have a coordinating outfit for Cam. We can only hope for the best.

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