A generous guy

Cam had an interesting week... It started with him puking and miserable. He was diagnosed with walking pneumonia... Put on antibiotics and told he could go back to school whenever. I let him stay home for a day to catch up on sleep.

The next day he went to school and came back telling me he had been "generous" at school. Apparently they're learning about being police and respectful. It's amazing to see him being extra polite at home. The lessons are working. Then I found out after talking to his teacher that he's really doing great in school since the kids were broken down into small groups. He's listening and sharing better than ever.

We're proud of Mr. Generous. So after swim lessons and a nap, Cam got to see the new Curious George movie with Dad. He even got to sit next to a friend from school at the movie. According to Daddy, Cam ate about a pound of popcorn. Not surprising: He didn't eat dinner tonight.
Having a chat Last night I had a special moment with Cam. Jordan was tired and Randy was still at work. So Cam and I took Jordan to her room. I started feeding her and Cam read books to Jordan. When she was close to asleep, we turned the lights low and I asked Cam to be quiet. He quietly paged through books and patiently waited. It was peaceful and comforting to have my two kids together in that room at that moment. Very cool. Cameron is a fantastic, doting big brother.

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