Florida Fun!

Cameron is enjoying our time in Florida. It's so cool to hear him say: "It's a beautiful day, let's go outside!." I wish he'd say that more often at home.

Here's a couple of funny stories:
When we got into Florida, we were driving to my parent's house when he looked outside and saw palm trees: "Look! I see beach trees!"
When we got to the gate of my parent's development he says: "We're in Florida now!" (As if we weren't in Florida until we hit that gate)
This morning he told me his friend Camryn was coming to Florida tomorrow so he can have a Camryn day. I don't think he liked it when I told him that wasn't going to happen.

Cam got to go to the beach with his Grandpa over the weekend. My Mom, Jordan and I took him to the park yesterday. I'm hoping we can go to the beach today or tomorrow... But today is surprisingly foggy, so I'm not sure what kind of weather we're going to get today. We're planning a big trip to a cool natural safari-type zoo on Wednesday. Cameron enjoyed visiting it last year, and I think this year he'll love it even more. You get to go on "safari" and see animals in their own environment. It's called Lion Country Safari. My dad is even taking a day off from work to take Cam. I think we'll have fun. It will be interesting with Jordan... But hey, everything is more interesting with two kids.

We had a few troubles when we first got here in the sleep department, but we've finally got a system. Cam is back to taking naps and going to bed at a good time. (Thank goodness) It was a struggle, but we're back on track.

Cameron is being fantastic here. He hasn't had any problems with different bathrooms and he's been a little more open-minded about food. Because I'm stubborn. He's eaten peaches, apple sauce and a piece of an apple since we've been here. It's more than most days. I consider it all a success.

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