Oh no! An ear infection.

Cameron had a rough night last night... He woke up a couple of times complaining about stupid stuff. And I wasn't in the mood to deal with it. He went to swim lessons and had a great time. But when he came back, he wasn't even interested in lunch. He actually ASKED to take a nap. That wasn't right. So I took his temperature. He seemed okay. But a few hours later, he woke up with a raging 102.1 temperature. I took him to the nearby urgent care -- he has an ear infection. It isn't a big one. The doctor thinks the infection is pretty early and antibiotics will beat that down. As for Cam's cough, he thinks Cam should use an inhaler. We have some left over from his many health problems before his adenoids were taken out. So I'll drag that out to help Cam during his next coughing fit.

So after we drugged him up and convinced him to eat a little dinner, Cam was very open to going to bed tonight. Hopefully he'll feel more comfortable tonight. And I'm feeling good about deciding to get him to the doctor the moment that fever started. I'm learning some things from experience -- Don't delay when you have a gut feeling that there's an ear infection. Or you won't get any sleep at night.

I think one of the hardest things for Cam was explaining to him why I wouldn't let him near the baby until he feels better. But the wonderful thing about this kid, is he understood. He was just disappointed.

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