Getting back to normal

Cameron is getting his life back to normal since we returned from Florida. He isn't fighting sleep as much... He went to school on Friday and had a ball. He went to swim lessons yesterday and Randy says he saw incredible progress in Cameron. That's exciting.

Cam is still a little clingy to me after this trip. He wants me putting him down for naps and bedtime at night. He wants me to be with him where ever he is in the house or when we are out of the house. I think he'll calm down. It's nice to know he still loves me so much. But it's tough to give him everything he wants when I have a baby who needs to cling to me as well.

Anyway... I have a ton of extra pictures of Cameron and Jordan... But right before we left Florida, Cam grabbed my camera and dropped it on the ground. It caused a failure on my picture card and I can't get it to transfer. I'm a little stressed since I just spent a bunch of money to buy that new card just before Christmas. Not to mention, there's a bunch of fantastic pictures on that card that can't seem to transfer. AHHHH! Hopefully I'll come up with a solution and I can post the great pictures soon.

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