My boy, the graduate

It was so dang sweet to watch Cam and his friends graduate from pre- kindergarten today. I spent a small portion of the day preparing -- I bought a little window paint to decorate the van and advertise his graduation. I bought a little sign announcing his graduation. I got him a new outfit... And finally some dressy shoes (since he hasn't had any that fit him for a while). Of course I grabbed a few balloons. All of it was exciting because I knew Cam would love it.

The ceremony was sweet. The kids performed a couple of songs... I brought a camera that will give me a chance to edit it down a bit. But the greatest moment was a slideshow of pictures that included photos of the kids since they were little babies at the school. Cam started there when he was 17 months old. There were so many pictures of him! His head was SO huge! Anyway, the best moment was when the kids got to see a baby picture of each friend and it dissolved to a picture of their friend now. They would squeal to see the "before" and "after." That may be the best part of the video... But you probably had to be there to really enjoy it. Randy caught some pictures of them squealing. It was so sweet to see how excited those kids were.

Thanks to my friends in the J-School's convergence department, I was able to test a new Nikon D-70. It was AMAZING. Now I have to figure out how to own one of my own. It's THAT good. I figure my computer will spend the entire night uploading all of the photos to Flickr. I only do that so friends and family can see and download as they see fit. BTW - The thousands of kid pictures are protected on Flickr just for friends and family. If you want to see graduation, you have to become my Flickr friend.

Now Cameron thinks he's supposed to start his new school IMMEDIATELY. I told him he's going to have to wait another week. Then we'll see how it all goes.

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Jone and Charles said...

Way to go, Cam!! We are so proud of you!!