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Silly family
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Cam got to bed late tonight because we let him play with the Photobooth application on our new Macs. I had Photobooth on my old computer but I never seemed to have the energy to pull out my iSight camera. Now our new computers have cameras installed so there's no need to plug something in. I haven't heard Cam giggle with such happiness in a while. It was fantastic.

Anyway, we played outside this morning... Lots of chalk time. Cam was covered in chalk. Big mess. He's starting to discover the demands of a more mobile little sister. She wants everything he has... She yells: "Wa-wa! Wa-wa!" Maybe she's saying "want want." Who knows. But she's really asking is GIVE IT!! Cam has done a really good job giving stuff to the needy baby. We read "Me Too!" tonight. It's a book about a big brother who has a sister who is always saying "Me Too!" Cam decided it was really important to read that story and talk about how his world is just like that. I gave him really big hugs and thanked him for understanding Jordan's "Me Too" moments.

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