To infinity

Cam and I have been talking about infinity a lot. About a month ago I told him about how infinity means a number that never stops. He was really confused, but the more we talked about it, the more he understood.

So now our big thing is to say: "I love you to infinity."

It's very sweet. But now at bedtime he'll say "I love you to infinity." Then I counter with the same. Then he says "I love you to one hundred." And he expects me to say the same... even though infinity is more and he's just downgraded his love of me by infinity. But apparently 100 still has its merits in Cam's world.

BTW - His last t-ball game went WAY better. Not a lot of crying. Barely any. Fortunately one of the other parents made Cam the team "leader." And with that responsibility, Cam took on the job to not cry, cheer on his team and pay attention. It helped him a lot.

Oh... One other number thing. Recently I was working on something in the yard when Cam was begging to go inside for something. I told him to count to one hundred thinking that would take a while.

I was wrong.

He sped through the numbers and hit 100 and expected me to drop everything at that very moment.

I'm trying 200 next time.

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