My boy in action

We had a super fun day after we dealt with getting Cam to finish last night's dinner. I got the family out to a fun event called Art in the Park. Cam wasn't so interested in the art part until he I told him about the face paint. ROCK ON. He asked for Spider Man and he got it. He was pretty excited and as usual, he was quickly in character.

He was really worried about the face wearing off... So he skipped the nap part of the day. I let him get away with that for the sake of Spider Man. Eventually he tried to wash it all off. He kind of turned his entire face and ears red instead. After some good scrubbing I think I got it all off.

Anyway. A fun day on the whole. Cam continues to kind of play with Jordan. He's not so into sharing, but they are laughing and being silly together. I can't help but be excited about that.

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