Play ball!

Fielding the ball
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We had a very busy day... Cameron got to play in his first t-ball game. It was opening day in his league. So not only did his team play against the Reds, his team had pictures and a bar-b-que.

He had a huge cheering section while his dad coached: Mommy, Jordan, Grandma, Poppy, Uncle Barry and even Beth! Very exciting. Maybe too exciting for our boy. He wanted to be in the infield... He wanted to be in the outfield. He wanted to catch the ball... He missed the ball... He hit the ball!! He got to run the bases.

There was one kid on the other team that looked 10 years old. He was a hearty player. He was probably six. Dang.

It was great to hang out with other parents with kids close to Cam's age. We're all dealing with similar behavioral stuff. Cam's are a bit more pronounced... I think having his Dad running the team has a bit to do with it.

Who knows.

I do know that the boy books are open and I'm delving into better understanding the basics of boy emotional development. Hopefully that will help. Maybe it won't. I'll try anything at this point.

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