New change

For the last 3 years, Cam has been a soy milk drinker. Of course, Cam calls it "soil milk." Last week Randy had finally had it with me and my need to continue to buy soy milk. So when Cam when grocery shopping with me this past weekend, I announced to him that we were going to buy milk for him. He was very worried he was going to drink "Mommy milk." I tried to calm his concerns.

So this morning was the first time I cracked open the organic skim milk for Cam. I've been drinking the expensive cow milk the moment I found out I was pregnant with a girl (I'm a little hyper concerned about girls maturing too quickly). So I pour Cam's milk and he didn't notice. But when I poured the milk into his Cheerios, he noticed. He didn't want "Mommy milk" in his cereal. So I told him he could either eat it or not. I didn't care. Suddenly, he liked it. But he asked it this was Jordan's milk. And I explained that he wasn't drinking "mommy milk." He was drinking the kind of milk that I drink. I'm not sure if he really got it. But he did drink it.

I've kind of held onto the soy milk thing because he doesn't eat anything healthy. We spent a good hour battling over his dinner choice tonight. I got him to take 3 bites and it was a miracle. I guess I'd just think to myself... At least my kid is willing to drink soy milk.

I'll get over it.

I'd have to say Cam's behavior lately has been pretty challenging. He's throwing fits and not listening to us at all. A simple request becomes a battle and/or a crying fit. I'm sad that I haven't found a solution to help him through this phase. I have to say it exhausts me and I worry that I jump to anger too quickly.

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