Aunt Jan and Uncle Chuck time!

We had a great day hanging out with Aunt Jan and Uncle Chuck. We took it easy for most of the day... and after Cam took a monster nap, we packed up the crew and went to a small town nearby that has a winery. We were going to eat at our favorite place when they were basically booked and weren't serving food for a while. So we went down to the local nature trail and enjoyed a really great walk. It was a little too hot, but it was so nice to enjoy the scenery. Cam had a lot of fun on his bike... Unfortunately it was a little ugly getting him into his bike helmet and we worried about his steering skills as he looked up the bluffs periodically. But it's so great to watch him speed down the trail figuring out his balance.

We went out to dinner at a different favorite restaurant. Both kids sat next to each other and Cam kept stealing the one toy that Jordan is really into right now. It was driving me batty... Which is why he probably continued to take it away from his sister. I have to work on my reactions to him. I need to be more positive and try to find new ways to work on adjusting his periodically obnoxious 4 year old attitude. In between the obnoxiousness is amazing energy and excitement. I don't want to kill that. So I need to chill out.

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