No sleep, but awesome fun

We took a 24 hour trip to Uncle Barry's house so the grown ups could see a concert. (An amazing one by the way. I strongly recommend getting to know Alejandro Escovedo.) And today we took Cam and Jordan to a children's museum that was amazing.

First, I have to say that Cameron perfected a new scam with our friend Christine. She kindly watched the kids... And Cam talked her ear off, said the FUNNIEST stuff to her and he ended up passing out on the couch at 11:30pm. That's hours past his bed time and we expected an interesting day with him today. Christine told us so many funny stories about what Cam said during their time together. So many that I can't even document them well. But I'll just say that when we got home, we were all rolling in laughter. He did tell her each step of his night time process like this: "My mom says I have to pray." My mom says I have to bless people." "My mom says I have to wear socks." He kills me.

So this morning he woke up really early. So did Jordan. So I was exhausted. I got both kids to nap. I got a nap. Randy got a nap. And then we got up and went to the museum. This museum was AWESOME. This place was a child's heaven. Cam's favorite spots included a pizza restaurant where he got to serve and cook plastic pizzas. He also loved a construction zone that had foam "bricks." He was moving all over the place and hard to capture in photos. For a boy who was so tired, he expelled all of the energy he had left.

Which is why he crashed at the end of the night. We were up watching our local little league team playing on t.v. and Cam was ordered to clean up his toys. That led to a big crash and burn of crying fits. I ended up holding him tight and talking him down. When I finally got him breathing again, he told me he was ready to return to cleaning when he says: "Mommy, I'm tired." I hugged him and took him to bed instead. No complaints. He was ready. We read our book, we said our prayer and blessings... And he got my standard lullaby complete with a back scratch. He's living a good life.

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