Barnyard fun

I went on a field trip with Cam today... To the local county fair's petting zoo/children's barn area. The kids got to see cows, horses, goats, sheep, chicken, ducks, tires full of soy beans, wheat, corn and a bale of cotton. Cam had fun and he got to play with his closest friends.

I think he was really happy having me around. I had to leave after lunch to go feed the baby... And Cam was okay with me leaving. He gave me a big hug and said good bye: "See you when you get home!" It was sweet. His teacher and I talked and she thinks he's actually made improvements with his ability to get over anger since our vacation.

He's a scammer. I can't tell you the many ways he tried to delay bed time tonight. But I can also tell you that this evening we spent most of our time together with him on my lap as I read him stories with the Wiggles playing in the background. Oh! You should see him dance to the Wiggles. He's getting really good.

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