A new friend

Cam made a new friend today... A little girl who lives a few counties away who has an arm that is a lot like Jordan's. I told him this morning that we were going to have lunch with a 5 year old and he was very excited. I never said anything about the little's girl's arm because that isn't who she is... It's just a part of her. So when we got there and he met her, it was so cool to see him not make a big deal about it at all. He asked when she could come over and play at our house. They talked about things... Not many since they were just meeting. But by the end of our time together, they were getting along and wanted to sit next to each other.

Even after we left town, he just said how he was so happy to meet her. (I'm not saying her name just in case her parents don't want too much information about her out in the web world) So, when we got back to school, his teacher went on and on about how he got to meet a little girl with an arm like Jordan. So now when Cam is asked about meeting her he says very matter of factly: "I met ******* and she has a little arm like Jordan." And he moves on about how he got to eat ice cream with her. I pray I can continue to introduce him to kids who look a little different but are SOOO obviously just like him. It's important to me.

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This is super!! Continue the good work!! God bless.