Last day of class

Today is the last day of Cam's preschool class. He moves into his Pre-K class on Monday. I think he's really excited about being one of the "big boys" at school. What really blows my mind is how this is the last school year before he goes to elementary school. My simple life of two children in one school will end. Not to mention, I've started looking into possible soccer or karate or t-ball stuff. I don't want to overbook him, so I'm trying to pick out the best option.

I'm thinking we might start karate now... Until a soccer class opens up later this fall. Then I'll sign him up for t-ball in the spring. One activity... but different ones throughout the year. That way he can get a taste of them all and we'll see which one he likes best. I was talking to a parent who has a four-year-old in gymnastics, karate and swimming. That sounds exhausting. I just don't have that kind of energy to drive my child around like that. Okay, I don't have the funds either. But hopefully I can find an activity that Cam likes.

Oh. And he just started asking about Halloween costumes. That's right. Let the costume project begin. I think we're headed into another superhero theme. It will probably be Superman or Spiderman or Batman or Buzz Lightyear. Only time will tell what outfit he ends up picking out.

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