A New Tree House!!

Cameron is the luckiest boy in town. His Daddy and Poppy built this! It's a tree house swing-set! There's a slide, a ladder and a swing on each side: One for Cam and one for Jordan. Under the cool platform that's built around a tree in our backyard -- A sandbox! Cameron arrived home from school to find it ready for him! And he LOVED it!

He said it's cool, cool, cool and he even said it's "perfect." Of course we were so excited to see him so excited.

I snapped a bunch of pictures and even a little video on my phone... Since that's what was in my hand when we got out of the car after a long day at school/work. He was thrilled. He played right before dinner and then went back out to play before bed. He rolled balls down the slide, he played catch with me up on the tree house and down with Daddy on the ground. He sat on his swing, he rode the swing like a super hero... He was so busy and happy. Right before he had to go in for bed, Cameron told me that when Jordan gets bigger, she can swing on his swing. What a great sharer.

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