What a day!

Cam had a super fun day. He woke up kind of early... but played for a while so Mommy and Daddy could sleep longer. Then we went to the local kid pool -- an outdoor wading pool with slides and spraying water. Cam had a ton of fun. We also stopped by a nearby jungle gym.

After he took a nap (and Mommy took one too), we met up with his friend Camryn and her family to see the new Cars movie!!! HOORAY. Cam has been talking about this movie for almost a year. He's been looking forward to June for the last few months just because he knew Cars was coming out this month. He is so funny. He had a blast. It was a really wonderful movie and I think it was worth the wait.

After the movie, Cam got to play with Camryn. And even though it rained, the two of them hit the new treehouse/swing set. They had so much fun... Especially after Camryn discovered that if you slide down our very wet slide, you can also slide down the mud in the grass. She was covered in mud, Cam was covered in mud. They had a quick bath before they could have dinner -- that's how messy they were.

Anyway. They had a blast. Randy and I were thrilled to have friends over. It's really amazing when we actually do something social. It isn't hard to do. But for some reason, it just doesn't happen enough.

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