Another busy week

I've noticed I'm just not posting as much as usual these days. Now that I'm also teaching a class along with my normal work load and Jordan's many appointments, blogging is getting a little less attention. Heck, I haven't updated my Flickr site in a couple of weeks!

Anyway. Cam had a busy week... It ended with a field trip to a local honey farm. He got a chance to make a beeswax candle. We burned it today as we at a yummy grilled meal that Daddy made. Cam was very excited to burn the candle as part of a "special" dinner. We grilled Cam up a corn on the cob... But once again, he wouldn't risk eating that yummy treat. He also won't eat pizza. Or drink juice. He turned down a juice box yesterday when we were all at a friend's house for an informal party.

This morning, Cam threw a minor fit when I told him he couldn't watch a show. He had to play outside. The good news: Once he was outside, he wanted to stay outside for most of the day -- even if it was hot and sticky. I took him to the hardware story, the local farmer's market and even to the grocery store. He was good most of the time. We played hide and seek... And baseball and other silly games outside through the day. Heck. We even got him to clean up his disaster of toys in the basement. We can see some of the floor!

So overall. I'd say we're doing okay in the Cam department here. We're still working on the emotional outbursts. But most of the time, we can get him breathing and calming himself down.

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