Scamming and swimming

Cam has been taking a swim class twice a week these last few weeks. I'm happy to say that this week is the first time he's started taking little risks in the pool and MAN is he proud. He has another class tonight, I'll let you know how tonight's class goes.

Last night we had a babysitter while Randy and I went to an outdoor concert. Cam did a new scam: doddle and after you're in bed, sneak down and spook the babysitter... and run back upstairs. By the time she got up to him in his room, Cam was sitting in his bed grinning. Stinker.

He also scammed his way into watching an episode of Power Rangers... which is a bit too violent for my tastes. But Cam couldn't stop talking about it. Obviously, he's at a phase where he'll tell you EVERYTHING.

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