Hey Am-Bruce!

My friend Ambrose is driving across the country. We were lucky enough to have him stay the night here last night. He's spending this year as a clown for a travling Cirque de Soleil show... and he is as funny as I remember he was back at Syracuse University. Cameron LOVED him... Even though he kept forgetting to call Ambrose the right name. He kept saying: Am-Bruce. So here's the basic conversation that had me rolling on the floor everytime Cam would try to get Ambrose's attention:

Cam: Hey Am-Bruce!

Ambrose: It's Ambrose

Cam: Hey Am-BROH-SS!

Ambrose: Gimme five! (hand slap)

Cam: Ha ha ha! Hey Am-BROH-SS!!

Ambrose: You said it right! Gimme five! (hand slap)

Cam: Noooo! Hey Am-BROH-SS!!!

Ambrose: Yeah buddy! Give me five! (hand slap)

Cam was so flustered that Ambrose wouldn't just say: What? And Cam couldn't figure how to get out of the cycle of high fives. I was on the floor laughing so hard watching Cam's confused face.

Cam went to school before Ambrose was up and ready to go this morning. Cam kept wanting to wake him. He was so thrilled to have a "new friend." Ambrose actually stopped by Cam's classroom to say goodbye when I dropped Jordan off for her school day. You should have seen Cam's face light up when he saw my tall, skinny, large-haired friend walk into this room full of short 4-year-olds.

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