Busy day

Cam's Grandma and Poppy surprised him with a visit yesterday. They got to play with him today -- in between his busy day. First, he had to wake his grandparents up and play with them. I am grateful for the extra sleep. Then he had swim lessons. Right after that, he had to eat lunch and get a nap before his next event. Of course, he fell asleep 10 minutes before I had to wake him up to get dressed to the The Jungle Book on stage at a location on campus.

Cam was not well rested.

So we get to the show. He saw a few people he knew and we met up with Shanley and her Mom. They were engaged and ready when the show started... But it was acted by a bunch of kids who worked really hard... But the pacing was pretty slow. Keeping 4 year olds engaged when they can barely hear the action through the cries and whines of children was not easy. But Cam LOVED the experience after he got to talk to a few of the actors on the stage after the show.

We ran around together on campus for a little while and I got him a scoop of ice cream. He showed all kinds of reasons why he hadn't slept enough, but we had fun.

Dad and Mom got to go out to eat tonight. We even went to a movie. It was nice. I have no idea how night time when with the grandparents, but I do know that everyone is asleep since we got home.

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