It's my birthday and Cam can cry if he wants to.

Yeah. So Cam was thrilled it was my birthday today. In the middle of almost every bite of breakfast, he looked up at me and said: "Happy Birthday Mommy." It was kind of strange. Anyway. When I went to school later in the day, a couple of teachers asked me if it was my birthday. Apparently Cam was telling everyone he saw about it.

So when Randy and I picked him up from school, Cam was really, really excited. He asked if we were going to my birthday party. He just assumed we were going to make the same big deal about my birthday like we do for him. I would have loved it. But that wasn't in the works. So when I told Cam we weren't having a party, he was disappointed. Then he asked if we were having birthday cake. And I told him were weren't. That's when he lost it. He wanted to eat Mommy's birthday cake. And he just kept crying and crying. Once I finally got him to calm down about that issue, he wanted to get dinner from Burger King. I didn't think he needed that kind of food, especially after the fit he had just thrown. So I knew if I just flat out told him "no," he'd throw a fit again. So I just decided to not drive by the restaurant. The moment I drove by the exit that would have taken us to the Burger Kind, Cam lost it. He actually knew which exit goes to Burger King. My son has a better map of the Columbia area in his head than half of our reporters.

I can't say the tantrums made this a good birthday. Randy did end up getting me a birthday cake. I think Cam was more excited about it than I was. Cam asked Randy if he made the cake. Randy said yes (even though it came from a grocery store). Then Cam asked if Randy went to work, went home to bake the cake, then returned to work and then picked Cam up from school. He had to understand how Randy could have even been able to bake that cake for Mommy. Funny kid. He had to logically figure out how Randy could have baked my cake... And still gone to work.

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