Oh my gosh

My poor baby. He was in the pitcher position during his final t-ball game when the final batter hit a line drive right into Cam's... um... private area. I took a picture of the moment right after it hit. The poor kid. I ran onto the field. I had to... Although the dad/coach told me there was nothing I could do to help and he helped Cam walk it off. No fun. And his team was SO concerned. The kids kept asking Cam: "Are you okay?" Apparently Cam is okay. But I think we just lessened the chance he'll be able to have kids 20 to 30 years from now.

On the upside: Uncle Barry and Beth came to see the game. Cam loved seeing them. We all did! We're planning to hang out again this weekend.

So the t-ball season is over. Cam says he'll play again next year and he's still talking about playing in the Little League World Series. We have major attention issues to attend to first... A little coordination work... But he's only 5. If he really wants to work towards that goal, he could make it happen.

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