Too self-reliant

So here's our normal morning process: Cam wakes me up. I ask him to go get dressed. About 30 minutes later I get up and ask him to get dressed. Then we go down and get breakfast and Daddy feeds the dogs and gets them outside.

Today I woke up and found Bubba running around the house. He's a loaded cannon if he isn't taken directly outside to go to the bathroom. So I had to get out of bed in a fright at least 15 to 20 minutes early. Because Cam has learned how to get Bubba out of his cage. Dudley doesn't live in a cage, so once the basement door is open, he's free too. I ran through the house begging Bubba to get outside. Fortunately that worked and prevented any gross clean up somewhere in the house.

I'm not ready to put the feeding the dogs responsibility on Cam yet -- the dogs get so excited, and I'm afraid of him getting hurt.

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