Home again, home again

Cam is home... He's been here a little more than 24 hours. And things are back to normal. I can't think at times because Cam is so loud. He is already treating me with the same smart mouth and attitude as if I never was away from him.

But he is listening to me... And he is SO happy to be around his sister. And he's so happy to know that I missed him terribly. He was especially amused when his Grandma read him my last blog posting about how the house was quiet.

I took Cam and Jordan to a swim party today. It was hotter than hell outside... But Cam had a blast in the pool while Jordan and I socialized out under really huge umbrellas that protected us from the sun. Cameron had so much fun and it was great to give him a chance to hang out with all of his friends from school after he'd been away from them for two whole weeks. Of course I think he left his brand new sunglasses that you can see him wearing in this picture at the pool. Dang it. He's going to notice that tomorrow. I'm amazed I remembered to bring both kids home after the party since it was so hot and muggy out. Anyway. He looked really cool with his new glasses and hat his Grandma and Poppy got him.

Cam challenged the heck out of me before his nap and bedtime... but he's sleeping and hopefully he'll sleep late enough for Mommy to feel rested as well!

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