This is why I love Spring

Imagine this scenario: "Mommy, I want to go back outside! Please! Come outside and play with me!" I think I've dreamt of that type of scenario for years. It seemed to be a rare occurance. But the power of a beautiful Spring day took over... And the boy wanted to play. His new backyard tent seems to help encourage the outside time as well.

Cam started the day helping Dad volunteer to clean up a park. They climbed up a "mountain" and even found a bowling ball! Wow. They went straight to swim class. Randy thinks the new teacher is much better than the old one. I'm happy about that. Not to mention, Suzanne from school was in a different class at the same time. Very exciting.

After nap, Cam wanted to watch a movie... But then I had to beat my head on a wall to get him to grab his shoes so we could go outside and play (and eat a snack in his new tent). What did it take to get the boy outside: Daddy arriving with his new bike. So Cam went out and tested out his new bike again. It was awesome. He finally sat down on the bike seat for the first time. We're hoping to figure out ways to help him feel safe and brave. If Randy rides his bike a bunch, it will happen. Cam and I played in the backyard for a while... And as you can see, Randy came out and played with us for a while too.

To top off the day, Cam got to hang out with a babysitter so Randy and I could have our anniversary date (a movie and a late dinner). The babysitter said Cam was really good. He didn't play her at all. I'm guessing that means my boy is growing up.

Or he was just so exhausted from enjoying a perfect Spring day.

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