Birthday bash finally ends

After three days and many, many hours of preparation, travel and party exhaustion... We held our final party for Cameron. We had one more Little Einstein's bash at his school today. The kids had fun, I annoyed the teachers by handing out blowing noise makers (sorry!) and I actually had three kids thank me (Camryn, Nathan and Samantha)!!! Cameron had a lot of fun... A lot.

Later in the evening, I took him home along with Jordan for dinner. He played outside in his new tent house, blew bubbles and we played with his dying balloons. At one point I corrected his verb tense in something he told me... He says: "You teach me a lot of things." I asked him if he liked that... and he said yes. I hope he really meant that.


Cam had a heck of a birthday... I'm so lucky to have such an amazing kid for 4 years. I have learned so much from him... From patience to unbelievable love. Not to mention really good hugs (Which he shared with his friends today at school.)

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