"I love my new van"

Cam loves his new van. Someone told him it was his Mom's van... And he disagreed. Someone else told him she liked his new car... He had to remind her that it was a VAN! Funny kid.

Not only does he like the van, it's become this awesome play place while we're visiting his grandparents. It is a jungle gym. It is a cool place to buckle up. It's a really awesome place to pretend it's rocket from Little Einsteins and go on a mission. The wonderful thing is Cam's "cousins" Lindsay and Hunter played along with him and enjoyed the trip on "rocket." Good thing Cam and Lindsay buckled up, just like the characters do.

It's fun to watch him boss them around... And they are so kind enough to listen to his demands. He's a lucky little boy to have so many people who care enough to play with him... Even when he's bossy. It's really great to watch him running around outside being silly.

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