A fish tale

Cam got to go fishing for the first time ever... He got to throw a line out on a pond at his Great Uncle Larry's house. And can you believe, Cam was the only person to catch a fish.

Did they have a camera with them? No.

SO I grabbed the video camera and asked him about the experience when he returned from the pond. I'll post it on the site once I edit it. I asked him what happened. He told me he caught a fish... and it was THIS big (he held his arms out wide). The men in our family were quick to teach him how to tell a fish tale.

We also took a big step into the family transportation world: We got a minivan today. Yup. A minivan. The vehicle Randy and I promised each other we wouldn't get before we got married 8 years ago. But it's everything we need and I think we're going to take more road trips because of it. I'm also a much more credible Mommy with a minivan. Because having 2 kids isn't enough credibility. ;-)

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