So I thought I'd give this a try

I've noticed some parents have a tendancy to write down funny moments with their kids. I've also noticed I haven't... But every day there seems there was something funny, amusing or downright hillarious that Cam did. Then I spend the rest of the day telling people the story.

I figured this may be a way I can be sure those who care have a place to see.

We'll see if I actually keep up with the stories:

Here's a couple:
Last week, we took Cam to a big festival. A friend of mine was playing in the local symphony under a gazebo while dogs did tricks. Yes, that's strange. But what do you expect when you live in Missouri. Anyway. Cam had a blue balloon and he thought that was pretty cool. We sat there and enjoyed the music... When Cam noticed a balloon in the sky, flying away. He said: "Oh no! Mommy, go get it!" I explained to him that I couldn't and it was pretty. I convinced him to wave bye-bye to the balloon. That calmed him... Until a blue balloon flew into the sky and Cam thought it was his that was flying away. He freaked. We had to show him his balloon was still with us... And he spent most of the time making sure his wouldn't fly away. "Balloon no fly?" He repeated that on a regular basis. He also tried to get into the performance area with the dogs. But that struggle isnt' worth blabbing about.

On our way back from a Tiger's football game last Saturday, Cameron announced he was going to hit me. I said that made me sad. Cameron announced I should cry (he asks that on a regular basis... it's a game). I told him that he should cry. So Cameron responded: "No Mommy. I no cry. I'm happy." Maybe you had to be there, but that killed us. Randy and I giggled all the way home.

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