So busy, so many stories

We're wrapping up a week-long massive renovation of our kitchen... and most of our first floor. I'm pooped. We were lucky for Randy's parents to help. His dad offered his skills on the project, his mom offered her skills of patience to keep Cameron occupied.

Here's a couple of quick Cam moments:

His Grandma and Poppy were helping him get dressed for the morning. He patted his Grandma on the head and said: "Grandma little. Poppy BIG!" (He stressed the word BIG)

His Dad and Poppy put in a new floor. When I came in the morning, he pulled me into the kitchen, laid on the floor and said: "Look Mommy! My new floor!" He did something similar the next morning as the whole kitchen really came together: "Look Mommy! My new kitchen!" We visited our neighbors today... I was talking about our project when he piped in about "his kitchen." They were right. Kids really do think they own everything.

Another quick one: Cam and his Grandma were in the basement reading his Blue's Clues book. She convinced him to go upstairs to say goodnight to us. After the important hugs and kisses, his Grandma told him to go upstairs and read more books. He asked for his Blue's Clues book, and his Grandma said they's read it upstairs (just to get him to go). But he countered: "But Blue's Clues downstairs." I think that's the first time Cameron's ever questioned an adult. (By the way, I told Cam I'd get the book if he'd go upstairs to bed. That actually worked.)

Oh... Another thing: Cameron things it's cool to swim in the bathtub. We took a swim lesson class this summer and he practices "big hands" (a precursor to the freestyle stroke) and kicking. I ended up soaked after tonight's bathtub experience.

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