Even signs are amazing

Did you know there's a song or saying with every political sign? It turns out Cameron knows. We were walking around the neighborhood trying to find a neighbor to show off Cam's new band-aid (yes, he had an owie on his hand). As we searched for a poor soul who was outside, he discovered three political sign.

The first sign was Bush/Cheney. It had a flag on it... So Cam attempted to say the Pledge of Allegance: "I pwedge aweegance to dah fwag... Of Americut." Yes, that's right. America is actually "Americut." The next sign had a star on it... So Cam sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." The third and final sign just had the candidate's name on it... So he exclaimed: "Look Mommy! ABC's!" And he proceeded to sing the alphabet song.

Yes. Cameron found one neighbor to show off his band-aid.

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