As You Wish

Cameron likes The Princess Bride. You know, the movie, "The Princess Bride." For some reason, Randy introduced the movie to Cam... And the kid is obsessed. He woke up this morning asking me if he could watch "The Princess Guide." Close. I understood that one.

Oh. Another quick one. I'm sure Cam will appreciate this later in life. I was putting his pull ups on yesterday morning (yes, fake underwear that works like diapers). Cameron asked me for peanutbutter while he was laying on the changing table. I didn't understand until he pointed to his bottom and exclaimed: "Peanutbutter." He was asking for what his Dad and I call: Butt butter. That's what we call Desitin. He wanted butt butter and could only think of the work peanutbutter. To me, that's hillarious.

Maybe you had to be there.

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