Hi Alltop!

I just posted about my excitement of becoming a part of Alltop Moms on Jordan's blog. But I just wanted to say hi to anyone who comes to visit here as well. I'm honored to be tapped as a mom blogger (thanks Coffman).

In Cam updates - the wiggly tooth is still outrageously wiggly. He offered me a chance to pull it out yesterday and I quietly got sick to my stomach when I tried to help. GROSS. I don't know how I'm going to get past this one. So far, he has no clue how freaked out I am about wiggly teeth. I'm hoping to keep it from him so he can grow to be a brave wiggly tooth kid. I'd hate for my fear to spread to him (he has enough fears thankyouverymuch).

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ShannanB said...

Hey there. Found you through Alltop. I'm on there too.

The wiggly tooth thing freaks me out. My son just lost another one this weekend and I was so relieved. I just can't handle it. I am weak..