BIG news

Mr. Cam has big news everyone.


Cameron has a wiggly tooth. And he doesn't really know what to do about it. He was SO excited to tell me about his big tooth news after the middle of his first inning at t-ball. He spent the rest of his time on and off the field wiggling the tooth. It's a really big deal.

Now I'm going to be honest.

I'm putting on a very brave face about this tooth thing. First, I think it's crazy that we're going to have to create another fake character just to fit in with our culture: the Tooth Fairy. It's stupid but Randy doesn't want Cam to become "that kid." So we'll do the Tooth Fairy. Also, since I'm being honest... I am totally grossed out by loose teeth. I'm acting all cool about it but every time I see a wiggly tooth, I feel weak. I've offered to help him get his tooth out. I'll be brave. But I'm totally pretending. Inside my head, I'll be screaming.

As for his big game... Cam did great. The team did great. We're really starting to figure out how help prep a team for the season. It's very exciting to watch these kids having fun. Some of the highlights: He got to run all of the bases each time he was at bat. He actually paid attention when he was out in the field - sometimes. He paid SO much attention that he actually TAGGED A KID OUT!! (see the picture to the right - that's his reaction right after it happened) We were very proud and excited. There was no crying, just smiles and a bit of unfocus. And I'm totally okay with that.


Student of Life said...

I totally get you on the character thing. I had to be convinced to do Santa and the Easter bunny, too, so our child wouldn't be "That Kid." I forgot about the dang tooth fairy. Ugh. What trips me out is that you have a kid who's at the tooth fairy stage...and mine's not far behind!!! When did THAT happen?!?

NerdyMom said...

Dude. I hear you on that. When DID that happen? Freaky.