Wii fun for Kindergarteners

Cameron and his very good friend got to hang out today -- They haven't seen each other much since they started Kindergarten at different schools. But I tell you, the Wii brings kids together. They had a blast competing in sports and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. It's really fun to see Cam play with another kid his age without falling out and crying when he loses something. He won a bunch of stuff too... So that helped.

Unfortunately, Cam's excitement kept him from maintaining his self control for the rest of the night. The screaming and tantrums returned. But I know he's going to figure out that it doesn't work. Some day he will realize that crying won't keep us from turning off the Wii, or making him eat dinner. or telling him to go to bed, or telling him to clean up... or... whatever you can think of. Someday... Some day he will realize that crying doesn't work.

Some day.

Tonight he told me another chapter of Boo and Chowder -- It was all about the two going to a Foo Fighters concert. He was watching the Grammys before bedtime... And he was mad that we wouldn't let him stay up to watch the Foo Fighters perform.

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