Boo and Chowder

This week, Cameron has been making up a chapter book in his head. Instead of reading something during bed time, he tells me a chapter about the adventures of "Boo and Chowder." Boo is a monster and Chowder is his friend who is a boy. The chapters include quotes like:

"I don't want to scare you. I want to be your friend," Boo said.

"I guess I could be your friend," said Chowder.

It's classic. If I could secretly bring in an audio recorder, I'd try to keep track of this story. It's very cute. I'm also impressed with the complexity of his story so far.

Cameron has been extra emotional around me lately. He wants to play with me... He doesn't want to be alone... He has returned to crying over his food at dinner time. He wines and cries over stupid stuff. Oy. I'm sure there's a correlation between that and how I've been working more than usual.


Student of Life said...

Cam and my little man sound so very similar. I guess it's not surprising, since you and I are pretty similar as well. Have you ever read Raising Your Spirited Child? If you haven't, it might be very enlightening. Part of it talks about how "spirited" children feed off of people around them so much more than other children. Even if you think you are putting on a happy face, very perceptive children can see through it. I notice a major change in my boy's behavior when I am stressed. He instantly ramps up, gets very agitated, and has emotional outbursts. This side effect of my stress is even more reason to take care of myself.

NerdyMom said...

Thanks for the tip. I just downloaded it off of iTunes -- I'm thinking an audio version may get more attention from me than a book. I guess that tells you a lot about my life.